Rebooting Product Usability Testing To Provide Much Better Insights

Usability Testing - Something Has Always Seemed Off... Something has never seemed quite right to us about how product usability testing is done.  No matter what is being tested, from software to cereal to screwdrivers, there is always a giant elephant - perhaps even a herd of elephants - in the room.  With their rows [...]

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Research-Tech And The Brave New World of Customer Insights That You Just Can’t Ignore

If the tools and methods that your company uses to conduct market research haven’t changed radically in the last several years - meaning you continue to rely primarily upon surveys, focus groups, and in-depth interviews - you need to ask yourself why.  Because while it may not be widely reported or discussed, market research is [...]

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Six Steps for Clients To Ensure A Great Research Project

A recent experience reminded us that it’s not always second nature to clients to thoroughly prepare to conduct a market research study.  No matter how big or small the study, how much of a rush you’re in, or whether you’re conducting it yourself or hiring a firm, taking these six steps will ensure your study delivers [...]

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Online Focus Groups for Innovators – Waaaay Better Than You Think

Focus groups are the sugar and fat of the market research industry and of innovators everywhere.  For decades, researchers and their clients have been addicted to them because they’re well understood as a methodology, easy to execute as a result of a cottage industry that will manage the whole process for you, and fairly effective [...]

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The Future of Innovation Is Open

If you want a front row seat for the future of corporate innovation, you need to attend the annual and exceptional Open and User Innovation Conference at Harvard Business School.  There I was for three fascinating days last week surrounded by a few hundred thought leaders (and a handful of practitioners) from around the world [...]

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Video for Innovation Insights – Holy Grail or Epic Fail?

The tools and practices of innovation insights are in the midst of a radical transition as a result of social, web, and mobile technologies.  But perhaps no technology is capturing the imagination of innovators as much as video.  Smartphones have put video cameras in the pockets and purses of a huge portion of all people living [...]

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The Other Chasm Geoffrey Moore Forgot To Tell You About

When Geoffrey Moore wrote Crossing the Chasm (one of the best selling business books of all time), he astutely identified many of the challenges of getting the mass market to adopt disruptive innovations.  He called the gap between the early adopters and the mass market a chasm because of the huge obstacles - and frequent [...]

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The Journey to More and Better Ideas – Part 1 of 2

There’s an insidious foe undermining many company’s efforts to become more innovative despite the considerable investment they are making in their innovation capabilities.  At too many companies there is an erroneous belief that the organization already has an excess of ideas to fuel its innovation efforts and that the focus should be on improving later stages [...]

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Mobile Ethnography; A Boring Term for A Kick Ass Tool

It's a real bummer that one of the most proven tools for uncovering big ideas for innovative new products goes by the super-geeky, sleep-inducing name of "ethnography," but it does.  Ethnography, this mainstay tool of customer-centric new product development and innovation is in the midst of a major technology-driven transition that product development and innovation professionals should pay attention to, despite the snoozy [...]

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Customer-Centric Innovation – Are You Faking It?

Let’s face it, it’s not that hard to be innovative in business.  But being innovative in ways that customers care about and that drives profitable growth?  For most companies, that’s hard.  At ThirdSlice, we believe that the linchpin of successful product and service innovation is having a process that puts the wants and needs of [...]

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