Established Methods

While technological innovation is rapidly changing critical aspects of market research, the foundation of many of our engagements remains a set of established methodologies that have proven themselves to be highly effective at generating powerful insights.

Quantitative Surveys - Generally administered online, via mobile device, or over the phone, we have extensive experience with quantitative research methods that provide structured, statistically significant data to support critical decisions.

In Depth Interviews - Providing considerable depth and richness that goes well beyond the insights that can be learned through most surveys. We have executed studies based upon in person, on the phone, and online interview methods.

Focus Groups - Enabling efficient access to multiple participants who can benefit from a well-facilitated group process, with client observation (remote or in person) always possible. A global network of moderators and facilities enables us to engage groups anytime, anywhere, in any language.

In Person Intercepts - For in-the-moment engagement of consumers at a specific location or in close temporal proximity to a specific event. Our researchers and fieldwork partners can provide access to virtually any group of participants at any location, engaged in any activity.

Observational Research & Ethnography - For the deepest understanding of consumer / industrial user behavior, to drive uniquely powerful customer-centric ideas and insights. Deeply experienced ethnographic researchers provide clients with unparalleled insights into human behavior and the drivers behind it.

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