Innovative Methods

A sea-change in market research is underway, and a wide array of new tools and methods are transforming how many studies are conducted. Whether it’s better insights, faster insights, or insights at lower cost, new approaches are making the seemingly impossible, possible.

Geo-Intercept Surveys - Mobile tools and technology enable us to engage consumers in research based upon the specific store, restaurant, movie theater or other location they are in RIGHT NOW!

Consumer Geo-Tracking - By tracking exactly where consumers go, how often, in what order, at what times of day, and how long they stay there, we can provide our clients with insights into consumer behavior that they have never had before.

Mobile Qualitative Research - Tag along in the pockets and purses of consumers for days or weeks to engage them in qualitative research that puts you in-the-moment with the participant like never before. The insights go far beyond what traditional qual could ever provide.

Online Focus Groups - Engage more consumers faster, less expensively, and more deeply than ever before using powerful tools that bring the focus group online. Over multiple days, get more engagement and learn more about your consumers than through in-person groups, with zero time lost to travel.

Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) - MROCs enable a new level of market research agility. By creating a group of engaged consumers who are available continuously and on short notice to provide feedback, studies can be conducted faster and often less expensively than through ad hoc studies requiring dedicated recruiting efforts.

Social Media Ad Testing - Using tools that go far beyond what can be learned through A/B testing, we provide advertisers and agencies with the insights they need to develop creative that truly breaks through the deafening noise of social media.

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