Online Focus Groups

Focus groups are moving online, and the benefits are significant. Generate better insights, faster, and without the time and expense of traveling around the country or around the world.

Online focus groups and discussions enable us to engage consumers in powerful qualitative research on any topic, with depth and richness that often surpasses what can be achieved in person.  Participants are carefully recruited and screened (from any geography) as they are for in-person focus groups.  Using sophisticated tools, they participate in in-depth moderator-led discussions - often spanning multiple sessions over several days - that enables significantly more candor and 6 to 10 times more engagement per participant than in person.  The result is amazingly powerful insights, all generated faster and with no expensive or time-intensive travel.


  • Recruit participants to meet study objectives
  • Engage in multi-day asynchronous or 1 -2 hour synchronous online discussion including videos, photos and text responses with deep moderator-led probing
  • Share any stimuli with participants such as new product concepts, packaging designs, product demonstrations, just like in-person
  • Ability to Include intra-session assignments and homework
  • Clients can observe the discussion through a virtual back-room
  • Generate powerful insights from average of 60-90 minutes of engagement per participant (versus only 8 minutes in person)


  • Conduct deep qualitative research without any travel

  • Better participant engagement, particularly for sensitive topics

  • Ability to moderate, probe, and observe more thoughtfully over multi-day sessions

  • Richer insights, with each participant engaging for 60 - 90 minutes online versus 8 minutes in a typical in-person focus group

  • Overcome groupthink - a major issue with in-person focus groups - by requiring participants to share their opinion before being exposed to others
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