Innovation – It’s A Choice
October 4, 2017
The Non-Buyer Is A Big Opportunity for Researchers
December 21, 2017

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know – But What If You Did?

Where do big ideas come from?  Ideas that transform companies, disrupt markets, energize employees, thrill customers, win awards, make careers, or even enhance the human experience?  Why do some companies seem to have one great idea after another – amazing new products, brilliant advertising, clever promotions, innovative business models, and captivating brands – while other companies wallow in mediocrity?  ThirdSlice was formed to answer this question for its clients and help them generate big insights that drive significant leaps in business performance. We conduct market research that yields critical insights in the areas of new products, new business models, service enhancement, channel performance, brands, and market messaging.

Our name, ThirdSlice, is a reference to the third and largest slice of human knowledge – the things we – or our clients – don’t know that we don’t know.  From our observation and experience as market research professionals, it’s within this third slice that the biggest ideas – in business and in virtually all human endeavors – are hiding.  Research that confirms what we thought we knew is great; sometimes it’s just necessary to proceed with a  big decision.  Research that answers a question we already had is even better; we’ve learned something new for the first time.  But research that answers a question that no one had ever thought to ask before – now we’re into the unknown and unknown, and that’s where big ideas are born.

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ThirdSlice is a symbol and an aspiration.  Not every client requires a market transforming insight, and occasionally the search for such an idea proves futile.  But by aiming high and adopting the ThirdSlice name, we let our clients know that throughout each engagement we are passionately committed to identifying exceptionally powerful, relevant, and actionable ideas and insights that will improve their business results, at a minimum, and potentially transform their companies.

For every business, the unknown unknown is enormous and full of opportunity.  Let’s explore it together.

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